Monday, July 6, 2009

An Update

So many things have been going on, and blogging has not been getting the attention it deserves! I started writing this so I could have a place that I could record for my self (and any one else reading) my thoughts, inspirations and progress. Now, six months later, I have done next to no sewing in 3 months! It's not that I have not been inspired by things, I have. It is not that I haven't had a lot of time, I could make some more time. I guess it has been a lack of motivation, of get up and go.

What have I been working on....

Well, I did make a few Mini Quilts. The first one, I made for Sophie, for her first birthday. It was her first doll baby quilt. She plays peek a boo with it more often than using it with her dolls, but I love seeing it draped on the little chair in the family room.

I also made a Mini Quilt for a swap that I was involved in with the HGTV message board. In this swap, hosted by Holee, we were to make a quilt that said "Summer" to us. It was up to the maker the pattern/color--summer was our only guideline. My partner, abxkris, made the best mini. The intricacy in the paper pieced star was amazing, and she mimicked the swirl pattern on the fabric in the quilting.

In return, I made my interpretation of the "summer" theme. I am a pretty traditional quilter. I like half square triangles, points matching, flying geese and civil war reproductions. So, I picked a super traditional patter, but made it in bright batiks. I love how it turned out. I think beach ball when I see it, but I think Ryan thinks I am a bit crazy!

What else have I been up to....

I did make a few tissue packs/wallets for hostess gifts, and have been exploring using my Cricut to cut out applique shapes. My mom (Karibbean Quilter) and I have been working on a way for her to be able to cut easily and accurately sealife/island motifs to applique on t-shirts. Still working out the kinks, but getting closer.

I did drop of 3 quilts at the long armer two weeks ago. The first was a top my Mom made with various patriotic fabrics. She did a great job of fussy cutting the sayings and pictures. We decided that it was busy enough and she did not need to add any borders to the quilt.
The second quilt was a top that I had finished up last year. It is a take 3 pattern using doggie fabric. My mom is going to give it to her friends grandson. I think it will be perfect!

The 3rd quilt I dropped of was a Thimbleberries quilt that I started in 2007. My dear friend Doreen, and I were a part of Thimbleberries Club and of course had to make (or start) all of the quilts offered that year. I was so proud how we used our stash for most of the fabrics in this quilt and I think the top only cost me about $15.00 to make. Since we are about to make some housing changes in our lives I thought this would be a good quilt to get quilted.

So, how am I doing stash wise you might ask...
I really have not bought anything. Honestly, I have gone to a few quilt shops but have been so busy, that I have not really done any buying. My mom and I did pick up some fabric at Checker for her business, but seriously, I was good!
What have I used....Not alot, but I'll report anyhow. I am guessing that the two minis used about 1 and 1/2 yards of fabric. I would have guessed less, but there were a ton of half square triangles and those eat up fabric! I'm guessing that the hostess gifts used about 2/3 yard total and the Cricut samples used about 1/3 yard.
To the bigger numbers....
The Take 3 used 2 yards, and the House Quilt used (according to the pattern-this seems like alot though...) 8 yards. Backing fabric was 1.5 yards for the Doggie Quilt, and The TB House Quilt backing used 4 yards.

So that brings my totals to....
Fabric in this period- 0
Fabric in YTD- 32.8 yards
Stash used this period...18 yards!
Stash used YTD- 52.4 yards

Net: -19.6 yards!

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