Sunday, January 11, 2009

Some Pictures....

I made six more blocks for the Quilt Pink II quilt. I also finished cutting the entire quilt (except for the borders). Hopefully I will get the remaining 9 blocks made tomorrow and sewn together on Wednesday! All of the half square triangles are cut, but need to be marked and pinned. They should go together fairly easily.

This block is done with the stitch and flip method. So, being the resourceful quilter I am, I sewed another line to produce a "bonus" triangle. This is something I always say I am going to do and then never do. I am so happy I did it this time, and I think I will make a doll quilt for Sophie out of the scraps. As the squares are small, untrimmed about 1.75 inches maybe? I want to keep the pattern pretty simple, but am experimenting with different design possibilities.

I finished all of the A units for the Nickel quilt. The pattern I am doing is in The Nickle Quilt Book by Pat Speth, called Four Patch Plaid. I am amazed how quickly this is coming together just by using this quilt as my leaders and enders. Next I start on the four patch units!

Thats all for now, busted though 1.1 yards of stash today!

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  1. Love the pink quilt. I always double sew my HST's. I have a big bag of them from one of Bonnie's quiltville quilts. I'm making mininture bear paws with. I have Pat Speths book and love it. I really enjoy reading your blog and looking at all the pretty pics.